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According to Luo Pengfei’s samsara, the reason of samsara is that knowing what things are like produces "behavior", and different "behaviors" produce different karma, which leads to samsara.

These things are all understood by Luo Pengfei to Sun Hao. Even if Luo Pengfei is Sun Hao’s deputy soul, Sun Hao can still eat a mouthful of dates, and his understanding of reincarnation is not very deep.
However, this is normal. After all, the understanding of the avenue is different for different monks. Besides, the understanding of Luo Pengfei Avenue is only a small state, and it is strange that it can be completely white.
Samsara Avenue is the top ten of the world’s three thousand avenues in absolute order, which is as strong as Time Avenue.
Think about the time-shifting ability of Time Avenue after it is understood, and then compare it with the possibility of fighting capacity of Cycle Avenue, and you can imagine the high-end and powerful of Cycle Avenue.
Of course, every avenue practice has some peculiar laws that can be pursued, and it is just Sun Hao who finds himself that he may have found a regular node in the practice of reincarnation avenue.
That is, once the friar becomes the tenth good man, he will definitely have a different general understanding of the reincarnation avenue.
Sun Hao’s first realization of samsara came into being in his drifting, that is, seeking.
The so-called karma may be a kind of obsession, a kind of spiritual pursuit, a kind of seal cutting, the deepest memory search, and what you need to find.
For example, I am looking for two things in the end of my life, a little Joan; A wish to fly
When I found two things, my Nine Goodmen awakened their will.
At the same time, Sun Hao was deeply moved by his reincarnation after the tenth reincarnation. He searched for Xiaoqiong in the vast sea of people for thousands of years.
However, Xiaoqiong has even been reincarnated many times before she really met herself, completed her little obsession, spent her life safely with herself and raised herself safely.
This is a kind of obsession.
Usually, it is destined to commit suicide by fate, but Xiao Qiong returned to her side so many times after three lives and three lives.
How affectionate is this?
How great is reincarnation? How strong is the desire to find?
Pursuit in samsara is not necessarily friendship, but also wishes and dreams, which are gradually realized and completed in samsara all my life.
However, in the reincarnation of mortals, different pursuits will be produced in different life processes, and different search directions will be produced, so mortals will continue to reincarnation for the rest of their lives.
The root of reincarnation is to pursue a goal. Pursuing a goal may be the powerful driving force of reincarnation for thousands of years.
After drifting for a long time, Sun Hao sighed leisurely.
The tenth good man has a deep understanding
Good people get public praise for being good; Good people get spiritual comfort from doing good. In the process of doing good, bit by bit satisfaction and bit by bit happiness feel like a solution, which can dissolve many obsessions in their hearts and gradually release them in many reincarnation directions.
And after he reached the height of the tenth good man, Ji appeared that there was no obsession, no search for goals, and no great regret
It is also after reaching such a height that Sun Hao suddenly found himself having a feeling that the mind is wide and wide, and he can break and realize the reincarnation of heaven.
The cycle of heaven is the last cycle of The six great divisions in the wheel of karma.
To be precise, this is a simulated reincarnation process that transcends the virtual world and is imagined by monks.
Just like the reincarnation of the ten levels of hell is a conjecture, the reincarnation of heaven is also a conjecture state.
The descriptions of the reincarnation of heaven in different classics are different, especially the understanding of the reincarnation avenue by different races is completely different.
Sun Haozun is the Terran’s practice of the reincarnation of heaven, and naturally it is the Terran’s master of books and records, supplemented by the real inferno books and records.
The six paths of reincarnation in Terran classics are also divided into different and understandable stages.
In Terran classics, there are three levels in the three realms, namely, the life desire realm and the color realm. Generally speaking, the desire realm is the lowest level, and the middle level is the truly highest level.
The geographical breadth ratio of the three realms is divided into twenty days, in which there are six desires, four Zen and ten days, and four days.
Chapter 275 The cycle of heaven (2)
After completing the comprehension and understanding of humanitarian reincarnation, Sun Hao broke into The six great divisions in the wheel of karma, and the last one was the reincarnation of heaven.
After all, the The six great divisions in the wheel of karma Dojo is not the real The six great divisions in the wheel of karma. This is the simulation product of the monks. No one can tell whether it is the real six heavenly ways.
Sun Hao’s practice has really come into contact with the The six great divisions in the wheel of karma Dojo, which is two.
Luo Pengfei built a Halloween Palace, but at that time Sun Hao was forced by the situation to break into the three evil ways and finally broke out of the ten layers of hell and defeated Luo Pengfei. Coincidentally, he turned into his own soul.
Now, Sun Hao, who is re-entering the The six great divisions in the wheel of karma Dojo of the undead, has finally reached the most important one-day reincarnation.
It’s like ten levels of hell. It’s also an idea. After the simulation scene comes in, I wonder if what I encounter is exactly the same as the real heaven.