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"Evil animals want to die!"

Shen Yue looks cold.
Although this female ape also has a hole to repair, but the injury is too serious, the root is not Shen Yue’s opponent.
Shen Yue again out of the sword.
This sword is more brilliant than the stunning sword, and generate produces tens of millions of sword shadows. You can’t see where the fairy sword really is!
The female ape felt her eyes tingle uncontrollably when she was irradiated by sword light, leaving two lines of blood and tears.
But she still opened her eyes as wide as she could, desperate to rush!
She wants to protect her children, even if it means risking her life!
Shen Yue’s eyes are cold and a trace of disdain passes under his eyes.
His sword will release the artistic conception department of magic kendo, not to mention that this female ape is seriously injured, even if it is in full swing, it can’t stop it!
The fairy sword hides its real body, and the shadow of the sword goes straight to the eyebrows of the female ape.
As soon as his fairy sword is about to sink into the female ape’s eyebrows, a touch of green brilliance suddenly flashes and pierces several illusions, just hitting his fairy sword ridge!
Chapter two thousand seven hundred and ninety-four Question
Shen Yue felt a shock.
This touch of green brilliance not only broke his magic kendo, but also hit the weakest point of his fairy sword with great strength.
His sword arm trembled slightly and he felt numb!
Shen Yue took a closer look at this emerald brilliance, but it was a emerald sword with a sharp blade that even killed him!
His offensive was blocked, his blade deviated from the fairy sword, and his strength was scattered, so the female ape in front of him naturally did not pose a threat.
And this female ape’s eyes were shining with lotus flower, but she didn’t stop.
See the green light sword handle without pause, Shen Yue Fairy Sword suddenly moves sideways and falls on the female ape with a gentle pick.
This green light sword is not as thick as a female ape’s arm.
But it is such an understatement that the impact of the female ape immediately stopped the tall body from being thrown high and landed smoothly on the ground
Seeing this, everyone is a careful heart.
This green light sword handle breaks the magic kendo, and at the same time, Shen Yue’s fairy sword collides with generate, showing strong strength.
On second thought, the green light sword fell on the female ape and became soft and skillful.
This rigid and flexible change reveals the subtle control of the swordsman over his own strength.
"What person!"
Shen, the lower you drink, the deeper you take a deep breath, the more you run the sword of blood and blood, and you take a step back before your chest and concentrate on your alert.
"Su Fengzhu?"
Shen Yue turned and saw Su Mo holding the green light sword not far away.
Lin Xunzhen, Wanimal and others were also surprised.
They just saw a figure flash from their eyes. I didn’t expect the shooter to be Su Mo!
What happened?
Su Fengzhu can see through Shen Xiong’s magic kendo and shake Shen Xiong back with a sword?
Wanimal, GongSunYu and others can see each other’s eyes puzzled and incredible at a glance.
The biggest possibility is that Shen Yue has no strength, and Su Zhufeng’s main ready-made strength will only form a just effect when he is attacked unprepared.
Actually, Su Mo just shot up to 30% because he was afraid of hurting Shen Yue.
"Master Su Zhufeng, what do you mean?"