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"The fact is as he thought. We waited for the three clans to fight to the death and finally hit the magic door hard, which made the magic door lose ground in the face of the Xuanmen encirclement and suppression."

"It’s a pity that Hung-chun didn’t expect that it was the power of the Three-Family Magic Door War that shook the universe, and Gankun made the universe unbalanced and threatened to overturn at any time."
"The collapse of heaven and earth immediately aroused the edge ShaQi gushing from all sides and swept the whole universe"
"Thanks to this, the strength of the magic ancestor Luo Zhai has been rising steadily, and he tried to break into the mixed-yuan Luo Jin fairyland, but he suppressed a group of Xuanmen immortals and beat them back."
"Hong Junnai has to let me wait for five people to incarnate the five elements of sacred beasts to suppress the four poles of heaven and earth, and the universe will calm down and sweep across the whole universe!"
"When I wait for five people, I may be able to fight against Hung-chun at that time, but I won’t be Hung-chun’s opponent when I’m hit hard."
"Look at Hung-chun’s meaning. If we don’t agree, he won’t mind personally sending us to the throne of the five-element sacred beast!"
"And what’s even worse is that Hung-chun’s son of a bitch always keeps his mouth shut to three families, so let me wait for more than three families to think about it."
"It seems that the three clans are thinking behind the words, but in fact they secretly threaten us that if we don’t agree with him, the three clans will be in danger of extinction in an instant."
Speaking of which, the tone of the white tiger sacred beast has changed, almost gnashing his teeth, and his face is distorted, as if there is poverty and hatred, and his heart is stirring endlessly
I can see that even after so many years, the white tiger holy beast is still worried about this matter, and his heart is full of hatred for Hongjun.
Feng Zichen has some understanding of this. If someone threatens his life and death when he is seriously injured, let him do something he doesn’t want to do.
Mindful of the Terran Wind, Zichen will definitely not refuse, but at the same time, she is very dissatisfied with the nature that dares to threaten others, and she can’t wait to kill.
"Hung-chun’s heart is black. It’s really biting."
"Being weaker than others, we have to bow our heads. Even if we are dissatisfied and unwilling again, we have to worry that the three families have to agree to Hung-chun’s request."
"The incarnation of the sacred beast of the five elements has since suppressed the four polar regions and completely lost freedom."
"And after I waited for the five elements of sacred beasts, the universe suddenly stabilized and the innate Shaqi disappeared, and the strength of the demon ancestor Luo Wei was also reduced."
"Come to a disadvantage, Xuanmen Xianzun gradually gains the advantage and completely suppresses Luo."
"However, after all, the magic ancestor Luo Wei is a chaotic fiend, and there are many ways to select a spokesperson with profound knowledge."
"In an absolute disadvantage, the array of immortals was forced to slay all the immortals in Xuanmen with three first-time Tianbao attacks and four quasi-saints siege."
"Only when Hung-chun survived safely on his own Lingbao did he take advantage of Luo’s exhaustion to summon three corpses and force him to blow himself up!"
"A group of immortals in Xuanmen fell into the sword array of Zhu Xian, and the true spirit was polluted by congenital robbery. It was cheap for them to keep the magic weapon, and he took away all the Hongjun."
"It can be said that the prosperity of the Xuanmen today is to build the bones of those Xuanmen immortals, which are exchanged for their lives."
"Hongjun is a thief who stole the achievements of these Xuanmen immortals and took all the merits and honors for himself."
"Maybe those Xuanmen immortals’ death is caused by Hongjun’s calculation."
"Otherwise, he would have to wait until the Xuanmen immortal respected death to summon the three corpses against the enemy. Why did he go early?"
These guesses are all inferred from the combination of Hongjun’s character when chatting with the white tiger sacred beast in ancient times, not to mention that it is really reasonable to think about it suddenly.
However, it is not for Feng Zichen to speculate whether there is a subjective emotion of the white tiger sacred beast in this.
"This …"
"What a shock!"
Pondering for a moment, the wind zichen said with some shock that the flood water was really deep enough for the ancient war, so the truth of great events could be distorted