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Pangu revenge

Not everyone can bear it.
Unless the high-level confrontation touches the unbearable bottom line, it is difficult to have a life-and-death struggle.
On the one hand, because they have reached that realm, there is not much that can make them feel.
On the other hand, it is also very important, that is, the higher the realm, the more difficult it is to fall.
Immortality is a high-level standard
In that state, it is difficult to tell the difference between life and death.
Almost kill the same level
Who is not tianjiao who can cultivate to that level? Which one is not everyone? How much worse can it be?
Even if it is killed, it is hard to imagine paying the price.
It is the normal state of that realm to lay out talents through the ages.
It is a last resort to divide life and death!
The chain of death-oriented order came quickly and bound the world tree in an instant.
The source of terrorist death escapes and rushes to the tree of the world to wipe out his vitality and pull him into the embrace of death.
But the world tree has no concept of life and death.
The so-called source of death is also a nutrient for his growth, a way of death, but it is insane to try to kill his vitality through the source of death
The misty green light blooms, and the influx into the world is the source of death, which is immediately absorbed by him and transformed into nutrients needed for growth.
Even so, the world tree is not satisfied, especially waving its roots and actively reaching out to the chain of God that binds itself to draw more death sources.
Gradually, the death path realized that it was wrong, so it took back the source of death and stopped releasing it.
Instead, the world tree is entangled in the unknown by powerful forces to keep it from getting close to the underworld.
No matter how it is said, the way of death is the power of heaven and earth, which can never be destroyed. It is still possible to pull it by the world tree.
It is also possible to get rid of the death-oriented order by struggling with the world tree, and the chain of gods can move to the unknown little by little and gradually move away from the underworld.
"Not good!"
Seeing this wind, Zichen was surprised.
He is not worried about the world tree.
The world tree also worries him that this is Pangu’s treasure, and anyone can hurt him, but the universe can’t hurt him.
At most, the way of death will seal the world tree for a while, which will not hurt him and even give him some benefits.
Feng Zichen is worried that if the world tree is really taken away by the death path, his plan to enter the underworld will be ruined.
This must never happen.
Wanted to think, Feng Zichen suddenly took out feng du’s seal to urge her to leave, put her power to urge her to send her to the limit, and then pressed it against the world tree!
Suddenly, a thin layer of black gas appeared on the tree body of the world, sending out a different chill.
This is something ghostly, a special force produced by the combination of death and nine deep and remote qi, and also a manifestation of death, which has never appeared before.
I saw that after something congenial appeared, the death path resonated, and there was a faint trend of integration. As a result, the death path moved violently and the world tree stopped moving
When ..
Taking this opportunity, Feng Zichen suddenly knocked on the HarmonyOS Daozhong, and suddenly HarmonyOS poured out his breath and wrapped the roots of the world and rushed towards the underworld.
A moment later, death became familiar with something congenial, and suddenly came to my mind and hurried towards the world tree.
But it’s too late!
The world tree has the ability to break the boundary wall, and HarmonyOS gas has the characteristic of seeing all prohibitions. Adding the two together is not as simple as adding one to the other.
What’s more, this is still a reaction that the underworld has not come.
There is a gap in the wall of the underworld, which is tiny but real.
"Right now!"
The wind moved in my heart, and Zichen hurriedly offered a tiny ray of light from HarmonyOS Daozhong to enter the underworld along that gap.
And by this time, the way of death in the underworld didn’t react and quickly repaired the gap.
At the same time, the will of the underworld is manifested, sweeping every corner and place, trying to find the intruder.
It is the mysterious power of HarmonyOS Daozhong that can shield the perception of heaven. What’s worse, it is the will of the underworld.